Legendary Tavern LITE Apk v3.1.2 for Android/IOS

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Legendary Tavern LITE Apk v3.1.2 for Android/IOS | Bossdroid -  Game Android/IOS yang akan kami berikan adalah game besutan Develover  Lath Games Inc. yang bergenre Royle Playing Game atau biasa kita kenal dengan game RPG. Game yang satu ini menjadi perhatian karena gameplay yang seru dan wajib anda mainkan di smartphone Android/IOS.

Dalam permainan Legendary Tavern ini terdapat instruksi Enhance the different floors in your tavern to build the greatest tavern around, yaitu dimana Anda dapat mengenchance atau memperkuat di setiap lantai di tavern anda untuk membuat tavern yang sangat baik.

Selain itu juga terdapat fitur Fuse heroes of the same kind to enhance skills yaitu Anda bisa menggabungkan hero anda yang sama untuk memperoleh enhance skill. Cara bermain Legendary Tavern dengan mengalahkan semua musuh yang ada dan jangan lupa menyelesaikan semua quest/misi yang ada.

Legendary Tavern Mod

Fitur Legendary Tavern Mod

  • A variety of exciting features for each floor of your tavern
  • Enhance the different floors in your tavern to build the greatest tavern around!
  • Enhance and watch your tavern's growth!
  • There's no time to waste! Make money by cleaning up garbage!
  • Bakery System
  • Who needs enhancement stones when you can eat cake to grow strong?
  • Bake cake at the bakery and feed to your heroes! They'll become stronger than ever!
  • Forget the boring old skill enhancement systems. It's time to fuse your skills together!
  • Fuse heroes of the same kind to enhance skills!
  • Potion Crafting System
  • Are you still wasting your money buying potions? Now you can craft them yourself!
  • All our doping potions are approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency!
  • A good night's sleep is all your heroes need to become stronger.
  • Taverns aren't complete without beds! Put your heroes to sleep, and they'll wake up stronger.
  • So fun! So exciting! Play the Story mode, more engaging than a comic book!
  • Go to your tavern and try Story mode. You won't be able to stop!
  • Tip: Clear Story mode at the tavern and you'll be showered in rewards!
  • Want to become stronger, and look more and more awesome at the same time? Then try
  • transcendence!
  • For each transcendence level, you'll get a new skill, a new style, and a higher max level!
  • All you need is a max-level Hero!
  • Tired of just watching the battle? Well, then join in!
  • Your finger is your best weapon—tap the screen to attack your enemies!
  • Tap formidable monsters for additional damage!
  • What do you think you'll catch today?
  • Am I talking about fishing? No, I'm talking about sending your heroes out to collect all kinds of materials!
  • While exploring, you may stumble upon special dungeons, too!
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Name: Legendary Tavern 
Versi: 1.1.2 
Develover:  Lath Games Inc.
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